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It’s My Party

Over the years I’ve planned birthday parties, weddings, family events and impromptu get togethers. This year I decided that it was high time that I planned an event just for me. Hey, call me selfish if you will. My 55th birthday was the perfect occasion. It was awesome!!! I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of my hubby, Poppa Frank James Garth (that’s what Gabbi calls him) and Charisse. She’s probably still worn out from all the errands she ran for me and with me. Nobody likes to shop with me because I can never only go to one or two places.

Even though Samara had been here just three weeks before for Christmas, she came back. Garlon and Rupal came from Indiana and Mona, James and Malcom made the trek from Holland. Mona made her famous cheesy potatoes. There was so much to be done and she and the kids were right there with me. And if it’s a Garth event you know there was tons of food!! One of Charisse’s good friends, Denitra Harper donated dressing, pasta salad and macaroni and cheese, and it was fantabulous. My amazing spread was far from healthy, but I enjoyed every bite I overindulged in.

I got the idea to have a dessert buffet while recuperating from shoulder surgery. You have no idea how many websites I combed through pilfering ideas for my grand buffet. I think even Ms. Martha would have liked it. Trust me the pictures don’t tell half the story because you can’t taste all the goodies. My color scheme was Neopolitan and I wore it out. Everything from the invitations to the desserts was in those colors. Do you know how challenging it is to find candy in Neopolitan colors. I ended up with neopolitan candies (the coconut cubes), chocolate and strawberry malt balls, assorted chocolates that came in pink and gold wrappers and also nuggets with customized birthday wrappers. I have a friend with a Sam’s Club membership that bought mini cheesecakes for the table. OK, I’m drooling now, and by the way, a whole tray seemed to disappear when we packed up the leftovers…..hmmmmmmm.

On one of my perpetual trips to Michael’s I found a ribbon tied gift box cookie cutter. It was perfect for my Neopolitan flavored cookies. And oh my goodness those red velvet and chocolate cake truffles, yummy, yummy, yummy!

As luck would have it, Luck’s cake supply had edible images for the sides of my cake in my colors. Woo-hoo! They also had a picture of a really tall 6” cake. That got the old creative juices flowing and of course I had to have one. Mine was four layers of the moistest vanilla cake you’ve ever had. I didn’t have the nerve to try and stack that one, so it sat off to the side in all it’s glory. The other two tiers took center stage on the buffet. One chocolate and one strawberry, both wrapped in edible images. All this confectionary goodness and gooiness resulted in a couple-two-three-four-plus pounds gained but who cares!? You only turn 55 once. Will I say the same thing next year when I turn 56? Most likely and most likely I’ll have to outdo this year’s. I would be wise beyond my 55 years to start planning now.