Cake of the Week: Tropical Sherbet Cake

You've Got To Taste This

If you’re like me, once the weather starts heating up, you crave tropical and fruity flavors. When all the sweet summer fruit begins popping up in farmer’s markets and local grocery stores, I just can’t wait to whip up something with them. Different ideas for popsicles, shortcakes, and even cocktails just pop in and out of my head. I love the idea of ice cream cakes and how they combine the best dessert duo ever, cake and ice cream, into one cool treat. But this Tropical Sherbet Cake? It takes ice cream cakes to a whole new level.


This cake is three layers of fruity flavor, and it’s covered in whipped cream and toasted coconut. What I absolutely love about this sherbet cake is the thin layers of angel food cake between the sherbet. The process of assembling this cake is easy when you use a store-bought angel food cake, but you can…

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