Punchbowl Cake

Punchbowl cake. A better name might be, “A Bunch of Sweet Stuff Thrown Together in a Bowl”. I wonder how many people actually serve it in a punch bowl. It’s also kind of hard to mess up a punch bowl cake due to the fact that it is a bunch of sweet stuff thrown together. Our family’s version of punch bowl cake is called, “Chocolate Deborah”. Chocolate Deborah is very similar to a trifle and when my cholesterol level allows and I’ve lost the weight I gained on vacation I’ll make one and post a picture of it. I will tell you that it’s made with brownies as a base. Brownies as opposed to cake holds up much better and don’t get nearly as soggy as cake. Maybe I’m the only one that notices.

One of my clients asked me to make a traditional punch bowl cake for her grandson’s open house today; enough to feed 100 guests. And it was served in a punch bowl, a big one at that. I used strawberry cake and one of my faves, buttermilk pound cake for the base. Fresh strawberries and pineapple added another layer of sweetness., but not as much as the white chocolate pudding and whipped topping and cream cheese blend. I threw in enough powdered sugar to set your teeth on edge. About midway through the layering I laced the top with caramel and hot fudge topping.

When I got to the last layer a severe case of over-décor-itis struck. I pulled about a mini biscuit cutter and cut simple rounds from both cakes and placed them in the center. Then popped the last of the cream cheese/whipped topping mix in a bag and piped simple zig zags around the edge. A few strawberry and pineapple garnishes later I had to call it quits. The client sent me a text followed by the picture shown here and said it was “The Bomb!!”. She said one little girl said it made her want to jump out of her seat!! That’s the first time I’ve heard that reaction. Guess I’ll have to make old fashioned punch bowl cake more often.


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