Irish Cream/Kahlua Pound Cake

coming soonI’m on a liqueur/alcohol kick with my cakes these days. Prior to this the only cake I’d ever made with alcohol was a rum cake. You know the one that starts with a boxed mix and then you add extra eggs, etc.? Christmas was the only time of year I’d make it, and I was pretty much the only one that would it eat it. You wouldn’t believe the new recipes I have for these cakes and you can bet that I’ll get around to trying them all.

My mission is to make cakes as “heart friendly” as possible while maintaining the richness and all of the taste, and still include alcohol. And there is no need to worry too much about the alcohol, most of it cooks away and all you’re left with is the flavor. So off to the liquor store I go. No need to buy big bottles of anything so I grabbed a bunch of the 50ml ones which hold about ¼ cup. First up, Irish Cream and Kahlua pound cake. I had such high hopes for this cake. In my excitement I neglected to take off about 15 minutes of baking time to allow for the dark pan and my sometimes too hot oven. I’ve really got to get that checked. It was definitely over baked. I didn’t use all the batter, so what was left I baked in my mini bundt pans, also dark but I reduced the baking time.

There wasn’t enough batter to fill all of them so I used a box of white cake mix I had in the cabinet and marbled it. I am so not into boxed mixes these days and I felt I did myself a disservice by using it. Oh well can’t cry over it now. What I really wanted was a chance to see what the Irish Cream/Kahlua mix was like when baked properly; and it was good. Not wanting to waste a whole cake I decided to soak the over baked cake in about 1 cup of vodka and let it cure, so to speak. That was four days ago, and my plan is to let it soak for at least a week to ten days. We’ll see and when it’s done I’ll post the recipe.



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